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  • Run-up and check hoses
  • Stabilize fuel
  • Grease all external engine fittings
  • Fog engine
  • Check gear lube and change (if necessary)
  • Clean out Speedo pickup
  • All Engines $240
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  • Run-up and check hoses
  • Stabilize fuel
  • Check and clean (with WD-40) shift
  • Throttle and steering cable movement and connections
  • Grease all external engine fittings
  • Check and top off fluids
  • Fog engine
  • Change gear lube
  • Grease prop shaft splines
  • Clean out Speedo pickup
  • Check trim operation
  • Inspect all fuel and bleed lines
  • Grease buddy style trailer bearings
  • All Engines $280
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  • Full service package plus replace water pump impeller
  • presser and vacuum test lower unit seals for leakage
  • Rebuild fuel pump (2-stroke engine)
  • Replace in-line fuel filter
  • Additional cost applies if lower unit seals are required.*
  • All Engines $530
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*Spark plugs are additional cost depending on motor. Water/fuel separator is also extra.

4-stroke engines oil change with Winterize package.


rnFeel free to contact us or come in for the latest in-boat repairs and maintenance services – from fishing boats to cruisers.

“Great guys very knowledgeable and good all around good people willing to help with their knowledge about things.”

Melanie Y.

“These guys will do whatever they can to help. Spent more time with me on the phone than most and even in the busy season they get to work and get stuff done. Definitely recommend and will be my go to. Knowledgeable Friendly and fair pricing. Definitely will recommend to fellow boaters.”

TNT Rides

” Fantastic experience and friendly with a willingness to help. Went in for trim oil for my boat motor and after explaining my fluid issue I got help on the best way to drill and fill. Told me it might take 2 or 3 times to clear up the fluid and best to get 2 bottles. After the 3rd time the fluid is perfect. Thank you OPC “

Joe P.

“Jeremy and the OPC team were amazing. Our perfectly fine boat died and we took it here based on the reviews and other boat shop referrals. They quickly diagnosed it, gave transparent feedback on what was wrong and fixed it in the time that was promised. We will never go anywhere else!”

Janaka D

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